Thursday, October 09, 2008

Rumour Watch: Ranjith to be Promoted to Metropolitan Archbishop of Colombo and "Little Ratzinger" Cañizares New CDW Prefect?

An interesting rumour has come forward, and it was recently mentioned in both The Tablet and Whispers in the Loggia

The rumour goes as follows: Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith, present secretary to the Congregation for Divine Worship, will become the new Metropolitan Archbishop of Colombo – something that has been speculated before -- and Cardinal Antonio Cañizares (referred to by some as "the Little Ratzinger") will become the new prefect of that same Congregation – as had also been rumoured before.

I will state again however: these are yet to be considered rumours.

So is this a bad thing or a demotion? Not at all. First of all, it could never be reasonably construed as the latter, given the proximity of Ranjith’s thoughts and actions with the Pope’s. (Never mind that a move to an appointment to a Metropolitan Archbishop is actually a hierarchical promotion.) Second, Ranjith’s talents will be well served also within the field. We need strong prelates both within the Curia and also without, within the dioceses. Prelates who will help continue to carry Pope Benedict’s liturgical reforms outside of Rome. This is both necessary and important to lay the foundation for the future and ensure this reform of the reform takes deep root.

With regard to Cardinal Cañizares (pictured right; the image is from ordinations for the Institute of Christ the King in 2007), those who have supported the idea of Ranjith becoming prefect of the CDW have also reacted extraordinary positively at the suggestion of Cardinal Cañizares being potentially appointed to this position -- a man who worked closely with Ratzinger at the CDF. If these appointments come to fruition, it sounds as though we can expect much that is very good from the Cardinal.

That being the case, it is also, in point of fact, better to move Ranjith than keep him in his present position, for he will now be eligible for a red hat – that is, being raised to the dignity of Cardinal. This is likewise something to bear in mind, and certainly desireable.

The NLM will bring you more as it becomes confirmed.

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