Thursday, October 16, 2008

Liturgical Art Exhibition at St. Vincent's College, Latrobe, Pennsylvania

I was overjoyed about a month back to find out that two of my works had been accepted as part of the Catholic Art Competition and Exhibition at the St. Vincent Gallery, at the college of the same name in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. The exposition looks to be a good one. The selection process and requirements alone seem quite promising. The competition's juror is none other than classical architect Duncan Stroik, and the criteria included a specification that the work be "iconographically recognizable and appropriate for liturgical use." While I do not know the identities of the other artists yet, I am sure it is going to be an interesting and significant show. I imagine, in addition to newcomers like myself, there will be some paintings by some far bigger names in traditional Catholic art on the walls. The show begins on October 28 and will close on December 7, 2008.

I have submitted the original ink drawing of Cassian of Imola: Patron Saint of Parish Clerks and Mexico City (below), which was commissioned for a holy card by an official in the Detroit Ardiocesan Tribunal, and the prints of my series The Three Holy Maidens, depicting SS. Margaret, Katherine and Barbara, the originals of which were for a private collector in Conneticut. It's a small part of the bigger whole, but I'm honored to be a part of it. Go, have a look!

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