Friday, October 03, 2008

NLM Speed Testing now Ongoing. Need Volunteers who Experience Speed Issues

Any time the issue of design comes up, there are a few people who note they have speed issues with the NLM which make it difficult for them to read.

I would like to ask for a few volunteers who experience these issues to email me to serve as "testers" while I work through trying to optimize the site speed for them. Unfortunately, I do not experience these issues, making it difficult to self-diagnose.

I ask the readers who don't experience these issues to bear with me as I remove elements here and there to try to sort out the primary bottleneck.

As a first test, I have removed the background wallpaper. Can those of you who have had speed problems contact me and let me know if this makes any significant difference in the overall speed of the site loading?

Thanks for your patience and assistance.

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