Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dominican Liturgical Texts in English

Speaking of the Dominicans, the following Dominican Liturgical Texts in English were pointed out to me recently. The purpose of the site is described as follows:

After the Second Vatican Council, the Dominican Order adopted, for the most part, the revised books of the Roman Rite, especially the Missal and Liturgy of the Hours. It was always intended, however, that these would be supplemented by texts for our own saints and blesseds, certain treasures of our liturgical tradition (our rich text for the blessing of palms on Palm Sunday, for example) and, of course, rituals for various moments in our religious life, such as professions and anniversaries.

These books have been published in Latin over the past two decades, and versions in French, Spanish and Italian have followed. Unfortunately, progress in English has been slow.

In an effort to help things along, some translations of texts are available on these pages, with a view to encouraging comment and then moving forward to eventual approval and publication, through the proper channels.

None of these translations -- neither the liturgical texts nor the related documents -- have received official approval. The Latin texts on which they are based, however, have been approved.

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