Wednesday, December 27, 2006

An update and public thanks (updated, see bottom of top paragraph)

Thanks to the generosity of some of our readership, the donation "drive" for $250 USD (to be put toward a scarce, but important and very relevant liturgical history) has now been reduced to $145.00 (THURSDAY AM UPDATE: $70.00 remaining)

I wanted to publically thank those kind folks who have responded so quickly. To anyone still considering a donation, an update on the offer:

Any donor donating $60 or more (in contintental North America -- $75 for Europe and Britain, only because shipping is that much more expensive to that location) also has the option of receiving one of the following free books if they so wish (unless it has already been taken by another donor; so if this makes a difference to you, please check in first):

The Dialogues of St. Catherine of Siena (in hardcover, from a former convent library)
The Douay Rheims Bible (hardcover)
The Way of Perfection by Teresa of Avila (hardcover)
The Imitation of Christ (in hardcover as well)
The Spiritual Life: A Treatise in Mystical and Ascetical Theology, by A.D. Tanquerey (hardcover)
The Burning Flame: a life of Pius X (hardcover)
A selection of papal Encyclicals of John Paul II

(Other titles might be on offer for this as well.)

Further, if all goes well with the remainder of the amount, and if there is no copyright problem (and I have reason to think there isn't), I will see about getting the text digitized as they've done on with other liturgical works, so as to make it more widely available and accessible.

This particular scholarly text pertains to the Dominican rite and to the early mediaeval Roman liturgy prior to Trent.

Thanks again folks. Your generosity is always humbling to me. I can only hope that what the NLM offers back in return to you is adequate compensation, even if we may have our disagreements and debates from time to time; if not, perhaps the hardcover book will help as well.

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