Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Interesting Cistercian liturgical studies

A couple of interesting liturgical studies and titles I ran into today from Cistercian Publications (Link)

The Summer-Season Molesme Breviary
Introduction, Edition, and Commentary
Four-Volume Set
edited by Chrysogonus Waddell OCSO

The Temporal Cycle, Sanctoral Cycle, Common of Saints, and Indices of the liturgical breviary of Molesme, the monastery from which Cîteaux was founded.

Paper, four-volume set, CLX10
ISBN: 0-87907-514-7
Price: $20.00

The Old French Ordinary and Breviary of the Abbey of the Paraclete
Introduction, Text, and Commentary
Seven-Volume Set
Edited by Chrysogonus Waddell OCSO

". . . a mine of information on the euchological formularies and liturgical practice. An outstanding working tool for entering into the liturgical life of the Paraclete and, by means of it, that of Cîteaux."
-Cîteaux (1983-1985)

Paper, seven-volume set, CLX03
ISBN: 0-87907-098-6
Price: $25.00 (Presently out of stock unfortunately.)

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