Monday, December 18, 2006

Some liturgical books...

For those of you who are looking to acquire an early Christmas gift (for yourself or perhaps a late one for someone else), I should note that I'll be posting some new book titles soon. However, I wanted to give you a short list of the specifically liturgical books that I have which are for sale.

NB: Trades will be entertained for other liturgical books which I might be able to use for my own liturgical reference library (i.e. a pre-Pius X breviary, other Western-rite/use breviaries/missals, Bonniwell's history, etc.) even if incomplete; this also includes translations.

Here are the book titles I can list for the moment:

The Roman Breviary - a complete in one volume English translation of the entire Breviarium Romanum, 1961, translated by Christine Mohrmann (English only). Still in pretty good shape, though some wear to the binding. (Price: $100.00)

(As a reminder, I also have two copies of "Lauds, Vespers and Compline", which are also English only, but these only of the three primary offices. $50.00 each.)

Josef Jungmann, The Mass of the Roman Rite - 2 vols. complete. This is the Christian Classics softcover edition. $85.00.

(I also have a single volume available, I believe of volume one, which is the hardcover, but obviously incomplete. $50.00 for that one.)

The Raccolta: Official Edition - a very nice red hardcover, in very nice shape indeed. $40.00

Collectio Rituum - Latin/English, very good shape. From 1964. $45.00

For sale as well are some old Catholic prayer books with various devotions, the Ordinary of the Tridentine Mass, etc. within it -- as well as that fantastic traditional Missal art.

A Breviarium Romanum from 1960 may be available as well. I shall have to see if its a complete set in two volumes however, or only volume one of two.

Reminder as well about the beautiful 4 volume, oversized, deep green hardcover "Butler's Lives of the Father's, Martyrs and Other Saints" that I have available for sale for $200. It has those beautiful mediaeval/renaissance style full page, colour images of a number of the saints as well.

I also have the "coffee table" version of that, with those same beautiful images, but condensed descriptions for the saint of each day. Nicely produced.

I may have a full set of the modern "Liturgy of the Hours" for sale (the multi-volume edition), but I shall have to see.

Reminder as well that I do have things available also like Cardinal Reflections: Active Participation and the Liturgy ($8), The Bible and the Liturgy by Jean Danielou, Liturgical Piety by Louis Bouyer and O'Connell's Book of Ceremonies.

If interested, email me. More to come, though not as much that is liturgical I should note.

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