Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"At this Festive season of the year, it is more than usually desireable..."

As I do a couple of times a year, just a friendly reminder that if you're looking for a cause to donate to this Christmas season (or otherwise), don't forget you may, if you so desire, make a donation toward the NLM apostolate, by paypal or otherwise. (There is a button to the right in the sidebar.)

One might legitimately ask, is a person really just giving an individual (namely, myself) money for their own private use? Well, no. These donations are either put toward: 1) liturgical conferences (which are reported upon for the benefit of all, and connections built for the benefit of the apostolate), 2) in the hoped-for future original NLM publications (God willing), 3) or also put into investments of liturgical reference works which can serve as resources for the original postings and questions of the readership here, as well, it is a thought to at some point consider a "lending library" for liturgical scholars to aid in their work.

I have thought of this again recently as some very important, but relatively hard to find comparative liturgical resources have come up for sale of recent (also reflected in the price -- no, not the Carthusian missal, far too pricey, but, for example, one on the history and development of the Dominican rite).

The NLM is a free apostolate, and happily so, offered for the benefit of priest and laity alike -- and hopefully helpful and informative. Most cannot afford donations, or they have their own projects and charities to pursue. More than understandable! But for those out there who make it a habit and are in a position to donate to a variety causes, if you feel these aims are a worthy goal and investment, for yourself as a reader, or for the movement generally, do make consideration.

Many thanks to all our readers who come to this site each and every day, and who make it so very enjoyable and informative for all alike.

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