Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Eastward Position in the latest edition of Dappled Things

The latest round of everybody's favorite Catholic literary e-zine, Dappled Things, is up-and-running, complete with a headliner essay by none other than Amy Welborn; as well as a Flanneryesque excursion into the closed, self-excommunicated world of a would-be antipope; sonnets and photography galore; and a foray into the archaeology of the eastward position in liturgy by yours truly. Come on down and have a read! Also, Dappled Things is hoping to produce a print edition in the near future, so please be generous with your donations for this magazine, which has received favorable mentions in both First Things and The National Catholic Register.

Incidentally, the magazine is accepting new pieces for the Lent/Easter 2007 edition; the submission deadline is February 4, so get those pens to scratching!

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