Saturday, December 16, 2006

Why Gaudete?

"Gaudete Sunday" is one of the few days in the new Church calendar that still retains its name take from the Introit. In how many parishes will the term Gaudete be used on Sunday? Just guessing here, but I would think about half, maybe more. But how many Catholics know why it is called that? Many fewer. And only a small percentage will enjoy hearing the actual Introit from which the term is derived.

It is indeed difficult but astonishingly beautiful. Here is our schola's playlist and program for tomorrow, which includes the Introit (though sung as a prelude) as well as the chant and Guerrero polyphony of the Advent Marian antiphon, Alma Redemptoris Mater. In addition, we are singing the first O Antiphon for the communion, followed by Magnificat, as well as Mozart's Ave Verum.

At very minimum, shouldn't Gaudete be heard again?

Here is the Gregorian:

And here is a Psalm-tone version in English that should be suitable for any parish, and can be sung by any schola.

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