Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Two videos of Classical Liturgy

Yesterday, a priest in Europe sent to me the following link to a complete online video of a Solemn High Mass done in Europe somewhere. The chant is done very well and the church is quite beautiful.

In addition, a number of readers have also sent me in links to the following online video of a Solemn High Mass recorded in Chicago in 1941 and narrated by Fulton J. Sheen. I've actually seen a copy of this video on VHS probably 10 years ago or so, and I must confess that it has never been a video of the classical liturgy I've terribly enjoyed, mainly because of the way the chant is handled.

It is interesting that the two videos came in on the same day to me, because it offers a good comparison, particularly of the two styles of chant.

[If anyone has any videos of Eastern divine liturgies, or reform of the reform liturgies they'd like to share, please send them to me and I'll happily post them.]

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