Friday, August 11, 2006

Pontifical Mass DVD recorded at the stunning French church of St. Eugene

As readers of the NLM are aware, I like to try and bring information and news to people of liturgical resources, including lesser known (to those of us in the new world at any rate) European resources -- mainly lesser known because of the language barrier. (And I must confess, when I see some of the liturgical literature available in French or German, for example, I sincerely wish these were being translated and published into English editions.)

I would like to encourage my European readers to keep funneling such resources, news stories, pictures of ordinations, etc. to me via email. You provide an invaluable resource by so doing.

Here is another such resource that might otherwise have slipped from our attention:

Pontifical Mass of Saint Cecilia

Some of you may be interested in this offering, from France, of a DVD of the classical liturgy, offered by His Eminence, Cardinal Medina Estevez, in the parish of St. Eugene in Paris, France (France at any rate, but I believe it was in Paris), on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of St. Pius X's motu proprio on sacred music.

I believe this liturgy was offered in conjunction with the 2003 CIEL Conference, Liturgy, Participation and Sacred Music.

I imagine the DVD is in European (i.e. PAL) format, however, most modern DVD players will play both PAL and NTSC. And certainly most DVD-ROM's on computer systems will.

I am hopeful to write a review for this product for those who are uncertain about purchasing as of yet.

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