Monday, August 14, 2006

Question on the Ordering of Churches from a Reader

One of our readers has asked me to throw out a general question to the blog readership.

This individual is wondering, what sort of documents exist out there that give a good, traditional guideline for the post-conciliar ordering and arrangement of our churches (in accordance with the present GIRM, liturgical law, etc) and which might prove an alternative resource to the USCCB recommendations in "Built of Living Stones".

To date, I've recommened Stephen Schloeder's excellent book, published by Ignatius Press, Architecture in Communion.

However, it would be nice if something more succinct might also be available.

As for Built of Living Stones, it is the USCCB document that thankfully superceded "Environment and Art in Catholic Worship", but still, the former is not without some critiquable points as well. To read on this, take a look at the following pieces:

One Step Forward: An Analysis of Built of Living Stones, Duncan Stroik, Sacred Architecture Journal.

Adoremus' coverage of the USCCB Debates

As always, I'd also like to point people over to my links in the sidebar, where I include a number of architects with their websites.

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