Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Need help with your CIEL Registration? Practical advice on getting to Oxford.

A number of Americans have emailed me, and either have booked, are in the process of booking, or are at very least considering coming to the upcoming CIEL Colloquium in Oxford.

Of those are amongst some of the most promising priests of the classical and reform of the reform movements in North America. (What a great opportunity for all to join them and get to know them.)

But I want even more of you there! We need to build up both the classical liturgical movement and the reform of the reform (i.e. the new liturgical movement), not only in Europe and England, but also in North America.

If you've been thinking of coming, or haven't to date thought about it, the colloquium is now only 6 weeks away. Time to figure it all out.

Who wouldn't want to visit with Alcuin Reid, Fr. Uwe Michael Lang, Dr. Eamon Duffy, Fr. Thomas Kocik, to name only a few?

Who wouldn't want to visit the sites of the Catholic martyrs of Oxford, stroll through the locales of Newman's Oxford days, take in a pint or two at the Eagle and Child Pub where Lewis and Tolkien and their Inklings met?

For those who want to come, or whom are thinking of coming, or to whom this is the first you will have really seriously thought of it, I bring these tips and considerations to you:

1) The colloquium is from September 13th-16th, only 6 weeks away. Make the jump and book! It's could be a once in a lifetime sort of experience.

2) Know that the "Residential Delegates" package will get you not only admission to the conference, but also room and board at Oxford's fabulous Merton college. So realize you won't have to pay extra for food and lodgings while at the conference. That's covered by that package.

3) If you want a room at Merton, now is the time to act and book.

Money Saving Tips:

1) Flight: If you book on Sunday or Monday after the conference, the cost of your flight will be significantly less -- even considering extra nights accomodations.

2) Inexpensive Accomodations: If you are arriving early or staying a day or two after the conference, you can choose to pay extra to stay at Merton for extra nights, but I also have a list of monastic/religious residences in London, England which offer accomodations for significantly more economic prices. Email me for this listing. (If you stay late, consider going to the famed Brompton Oratory for Sunday Mass.)

3) Getting to Oxford: There is apparently an inexpensive bus service that goes directly from Heathrow to Oxford.

Expediting the Registration Prcoesses

Are you too late? No!

1) The Registration Fee: Americans need not send their registration in British pounds. Rather, simply go to www.xe.com/ucc and do a conversion from 295 British pounds to U.S. dollars, add $30 USD for the conversion cost to CIEL and send this as your registration in US dollars.

You may also wire your registration fee for the same amount.

Also note, I am trying to get a Paypal option setup for registration meaning you can pay online with your own account, paypal balance or credit card.

Also consider writing organiser@ciel2006.org, or myself, to let us know if you've mailed in your registration recently, so we know to expect you.

Email me if you have questions on any of these.

2) Questions about your Registration: If you have any questions about the status of your conference registration, also Email me and I will find out for you any information you need.

3) Clergy/Religious/Seminarian Grant Form: If you need to send in a clergy grant form if you are to afford this conference (only those who truly need it should apply as funds are limited), Email me the information that would go on the grant form and I will forward it through the proper channels. This will expedite the process greatly.

Site: www.ciel2006.org

I really want to see you at this conference. Make the jump and join us at CIEL 2006 Oxford.

It's not only a conference, its also a pilgrimage, its an opportunity to meet, be seen and make friendships.

More than that, its an opportunity to help continue to build up the new liturgical movement and build up that alliance and coalition, and strengthen and broaden the movement in the English speaking world.

I hope to see you there!

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