Saturday, August 19, 2006

Pursing the NLM in our Parishes and in Writing. Taking stock: what are people up to?

I received my copy of Logos: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies in the mail yesterday.

As always an interesting journal. I was pleased to see that in the midst of the book reviews offered where three pieces written by contributors of this website, one being myself and the other two, Fr. Philip Sandstrom and Mr. Brian Butcher.

At least for myself this is encouraging to see. I hope that more people who read here are, or will consider taking an active role in this regard, that is writing, in helping build the new liturgical movement.

We've recently been speaking of the importance of pursuing this activity in our parishes, and it is also important that we do it in the intellectual fields as well.

Perhaps this would be again a good time to throw out the question:

Father's, what have you implemented in your parishes to help advance the reform of reform?

And what of those here in the lay or religious states?

Second, is anyone else pursuing writing in these sorts of journals on the issue of the liturgy, whether it be the promotion of the reform of the reform, or the classical rite? Is anyone considering it?

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