Thursday, November 22, 2018

The Feast of St Cecilia 2018

Cantántibus órganis, Caecilia virgo in corde suo soli Dómino decantábat, dicens: * Fiat, Dómine, cor meum et corpus meum immaculátum, ut non confundar. V. Biduánis et triduánis jejuniis orans, commendábat Dómino quod timébat. Fiat, Dómine... (The first responsory of Matin for the feast of St Cecilia, here set to polyphony by Palestrina and sung magnificently by the Ensemble Officium.)

R. As the organs played, the virgin Cecilia in her heart sang only to the Lord, saying: * Let my heart, o Lord, and my body be immaculate, that I may not be confounded. V. Praying in fasts of two and three days together, she entrusted the cause of her fear to the Lord. Let my heart...

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