Thursday, November 01, 2018

Brian Holdsworth on “Keeping Youth in the Church”

Here is another great video from Brian Holdsworth which needs to be shared around as widely as possible. He very rightly points out the folly of attempts by some people within the Church to hold the interest of the young by “relating” to them. “I would much rather someone be themselves authentically than project my own characteristics back at me. If the Church wants young people to follow the message of Christ... they’re really undermining their own efforts by using tactics that provoke people to look down on the messenger...” He then brilliantly sums up why beauty and solemnity in the liturgy (and elsewhere) are necessary for the evangelization of all peoples, young and old. “These people took (Vatican II) as a license to vandalize all the outward expressions of our faith... in the hopes of making it more culturally relevant, and accessible. And the result if that the Church is less relevant than ever. ... This experiment has failed catastrophically. ... The way we present the message of Jesus should be like nothing of this world, because it’s not of this world ” Watch the whole thing, it is well worth your time, and if you have the opportunity, share it with your pastor, bishop, youth ministry coordinator etc. Kudos, Mr Holdsworth!

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