Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Sorrowful Mysteries at the Sacro Monte di Varese

Following up on yesterday’s post about the Sacro Monte di Varese, in which we saw the chapels that represent the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary, here are some photos of the chapels of the Sorrowful Mysteries. The gate which leads into this section is dedicated to St Charles Borromeo, who was very devoted to the Sacri Monti, and towards the end of his life, passed a great deal of time meditating on the life of the Lord at the one in Varallo.

 The Agony in the Garden
The Scourging at the Column
The Crowning with Thorns
This is roughly the first point on the itinerary from which you can see the little town of Santa Maria del Monte in top of the mountain. The bell-tower is part of the small but very beautiful sanctuary where pilgrims can attend Mass, and which also serves as the chapel of the fifteenth station. (Photos of it will be posted tomorrow.)
The Carrying of the Cross
The Crucifixion

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