Tuesday, August 28, 2018

New Christian Art Web Resources: A Blog and a Weekly Podcast

Readers will be interested, I’m sure, to learn that my colleague here on the NLM, Peter Kwasniewski, is now doing a weekly column on Christian art at LifeSite. He is a daily columnist and will be devoting one article a week to some aspect of Christian art; his art commentaries appear every Tuesday. In addition to writing on artworks with an obviously Christian content, he also discusses more mundane pieces from a Christian point of view. Thus far, he has posting on paintings by TintorettoGiotto, Rubens, and Fra Angelico’s beautiful fresco of the Lamentation,

In each, he gives his personal views and response to the works through the prism of his characteristic deep love of and respect for the Faith and traditional Catholic culture, even when discussing art by non-Catholics on non-religious subjects. Once again, this will be on Tuesdays on his daily blog at Life Site.

In addition to this major item, I have some minor news about my own blog, thewayofbeauty.org. I am starting a weekly podcast on matters of faith, culture and beauty and all subjects tangential, which you can find at thewayofbeauty.org/podcast. The site has recently been upgraded, and, perhaps connected to that, I was pleased to learn recently that it has been awarded third place in the Top 15 Christian Art Blogs on the Web by the media managing site Feedspot.com. I would like to put in a plug for Carolyn McKinney at PerceptionsStudio.com, who did the design of the new site. She is a Catholic who has been a reader of the Way of Beauty for years, and so I asked her for help on this, not only because she understands the technical side of website creation (about which I know nothing), but she also appreciates how the values of a Catholic culture can be highlighted and manifested in this medium.

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