Friday, August 31, 2018

Documentary on Chevetogne Abbey

Here is an interesting thing I recently stumbled across, a French documentary (with English subtitles) on the Belgian Abbey of Chevetogne. I am sure our readers already know that the abbey was founded in 1925 by Dom Lambert Beauduin, one of the leading figures of the original Liturgical Movement, as a biritual monastery, using both the Roman Rite and the Russian version of Byzantine Rite, with the aim of working towards the reconciliation of the Catholic and Orthodox churches. It continues to function in this way even today, with services in both rites in the monastery’s two churches. Via the abbey’s website, you can also listen to the services live every day, and the services of the previous few days are always available to enjoy when they are not broadcasting live. (The monks seem to have found a good medium between preserving the proper music of the Byzantine Rite in Church Slavonic, while making judicious use of the vernacular for the recitative parts.)

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