Monday, August 06, 2018

The Feast of the Transfiguration 2018

The Transfiguration, by Perugino, in the Collegio del Cambio in Perugia, 1497-1500
Assumpsit Jesus Petrum, et Jacobum, et Joannem fratrem ejus; * in montem excelsum seorsum ascendens, ibi se transfigurans, suae gloriae claritatem eis ostendit. V. Ne videntes ejus passionem turbarentur, sed fortiori soliditate firmarentur. In montem. Gloria Patri. In montem. (The fourth responsory of Matins in the Monastic Breviary)

Jesus took Peter, and James, and John his brother; * going up unto a high mountain apart, and there transfiguring Himself, He showed them the brightness of His glory. V. Lest seeing His Passion, they be troubled, but rather, strengthened with greater firmness of faith. Going up. Glory be to the Father. Going up.

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