Wednesday, July 20, 2011

San Diego Lecture: "Archbishop Cisneros and the Mozarabic Rite in Renaissance Spain"

The following lecture, taking place at the University of San Diego this November, was spotted by one of our readers -- and it puts me to mind that I really need to forge ahead on my own series on the Mozarabic rite.

It sounds rather interesting though I am not really familiar with Susan Boynton, the presenter.

Archbishop Cisneros and the Mozarabic Rite in Renaissance Spain

Tuesday, November 8, 2011
Warren Auditorium in Mother Rosalie Hill Hall
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Cost: free

Archbishop Cisneros and the Mozarabic Rite in Renaissance Spain: 'Restoration' of a Medieval Liturgy or 'Invention' of a New Tradition? presented by Susan Boynton

Susan Boynton is a highly respected scholar of medieval liturgical music. Her latest book, Silent Music: Medieval Song and the Construction of History in Eighteenth-Century Spain (Oxford UP, 2011) explores the renewed interest in Mozarabic liturgy in the 18th century and its links to larger cultural and political circumstances, which included negotiations between the crown and the Vatican over ecclesiastical properties in Spain and the American colonies. She has also written or edited books on medieval song and liturgy at the Imperial Abbey of Farfa in Italy; on children, music, pedagogy and monastic life; on the use and study of the Bible in the Middle Ages; and on women and medieval song. She has been a fellow at the American Academy in Rome and at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton. She currently teaches historical musicology at Columbia University.

Source: University of San Diego

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