Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fota IV Liturgical Conference: Pontifical Vespers and Pontifical Mass

We were sent further photos from the Fota Liturgical Conference which took place in Ireland a few days back, this time showing Pontifical Vespers celebrated on July 9th, and the Pontifical Mass celebrated on July 10th -- both celebrated by Raymond Cardinal Burke at SS. Peter & Paul's Church, Cork.

The music was provided by the Lassus Scholars from Dublin under the direction of Ite O'Donvan. The NLM is also told that there was a large congregation including representatives from state organizations and various local dignitaries.

It is my hope that we will also be able to provide some information about the papers delivered at the conference.

Pontifical Vespers

Pontifical Mass

Photo credits: William A. Thomas of Catholic Voice Newspapers

* * *

Here are two additional photos which were sent in from another photographer.

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