Monday, July 25, 2011

Diaconal Ordinations at the Benedictine Abbey of Sainte-Madeleine du Barroux

This past July 22nd, the Abbey of Le Barroux saw two deacons ordained by Bishop Marc Aillet, bishop of Bayonne. Bishop Paul-Marie Guillaume, bishop emeritus of Saint-Dié, was also in attendance.

Photo credit: Olivier Figueras

* * *

As an aside, while we very often do get to show bishops in the full splendour of baroque style vestments and pontificals, we seldom get a chance to show the splendour of the same in the fuller mediaeval -- even if not conical -- style. Accordingly here is a view of such, minus the apparelled alb, but truly iconic all the same. The photo brings one to mind of the countless images of bishops as seen in mediaeval statuary and manuscript illuminations.

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