Saturday, January 02, 2010

St. Alphonsus, Middlesbrough

Readers may recall a post on a small English parish church, St. Alphonsus, Middlesbrough, whose Christmas schedule included not only Mass in both forms of the Roman rite, but also the celebration of Lauds and Vespers -- twice in the latter instance

I am pleased to report, in follow-up, two things.

The first is that the parish now has a website: St. Alphonsus.

On their website, they note the following of the liturgical life of the parish [NLM emphases]:

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is at the heart of our life as a community.

At Saint Alphonsus we are blessed to be able to celebrate Mass in utroque usu, that is, in both the more ancient (traditional Latin) and the more modern forms of the Roman Rite. For solemn feasts, the Liturgy of the Hours (the Divine Office) is also an important part of our worship of Almighty God.


At Saint Alphonsus', Liturgical Music is an important part of our worship. Traditional Catholic Hymns and Gregorian Chant are at the centre of our musical repertory.

Visiting choirs provide music for some solemn feasts from time to time and include the music of Palestrina, Victoria and Mozart, Haydn, Schubert in their repertoire. The newly formed Schola Gregoriana of Middlesbrough meets to learn and sing Vespers or Compline.

A model indeed insofar as it includes both Mass and the Divine Office, both forms of the Roman liturgy, and with Gregorian chant given an evident "pride of place".

The second is that, as regards that parish schedule, they now have some photos and video up which we are pleased to share.

Solemn High Mass at Midnight, 25 December 2009
Saint Alphonsus Parish, Middlesbrough.
Celebrant: Fr William Charlton, Parish Priest. Deacon: Dr Alcuin Reid. Subdeacon: Fr James DeViese Jr.
Music: Some of the Psalms of First Vespers of Christmas sung in Saint Alphonsus on Christmas Eve 2009.

Missa Cantata for the Feast of Saint Stephen at Saint Alphonsus Parish, Middlesbrough.
Celebrant: Fr James DeViese Jr. MC: Dr Alcuin Reid.
Organ: 21e Noel (Suisse) by Daquin, played during the Mass by Fr William Charlton, Parish Priest.

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