Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Tract or The Gospel Acclamation

Most of us in OF parishes will not be singing the tract during Lent this year. Although ideal, it is extremely difficult, changes from week to week, and requires an expert schola and ample rehearsal time to do it justice. Another major obstacle is that your parish and your pastor are probably nowhere near ready for the tract in place of the now-accustomed Gospel Acclamation, "Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ, king of endless glory."

Here is what the St. Cecilia Schola in Auburn will be doing during Lent this year. It is a mode II, plainsong setting of the accustomed text roughly based on the melody for the tract for the First Sunday of Lent. But newly composed, really, with the integrity and beauty of the English language in mind.

Accompanying verses (Ash Wednesday through Good Friday) are set to corresponding office tone II. It requires no accompaniment, and might serve you well as an alternative to what is found in most published OF resources.

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