Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dominican Use Antiphonal for Advent-Christmas of Liturgia Horarum Available

I am pleased to announce that the Antiphonarium pro Liturgia Horarum Iuxta Usum Ordinis Praedicatorum, Volume 1: Tempus Adventus -- Tempus Nativitatis.  Is now available at Domincan Liturgy on the left sidebar under "Dominican Chant Books."  The PDF file of this project may be downloaded by that link.  This is the first volume of a projected Antiphonarium using Dominican Chant for the Latin Liturgy of the Hours and corresponds to vol. 1 of that set.  I would like especially to thank the Dominican cloistered nuns of the Monastery of St. Jude in Marbury AL, who just completed singing through this volume over the Advent and Christmas season.  They found a number of typos and minor errors that have been corrected.  The Lent volume is also complete and will be made available after the sisters sing it through during this coming Lent and Holy Week.  Easter and Ordinary time will follow.

This book provides all the antiphons, short responsories, and hymns prescribed for use with the new Latin office by the Ordo Cantus Officii (1983) with the modifications and additions specified in the Proprium Ordinis Praedicatorum pro Liturgia Horarum (1982).  In all cases where a Dominican variant of the music specified in the OCO existed, it was substituted.  The volume includes an appendix with the Gospel Canticles set to the solemn tones and the Ordinarium with the music for the incidental chants of the office such as the collects, blessings, readings, etc.   The sanctoral and commons for the same season are also included. All that is lacking musically are the Invitatory Psalm and the Prolix Responses at Office of Readings, although references are provided to allow those who want to use these to find them in the older Dominican books.  In order to reduce the bulk, the Psalms of Midday Prayer are omitted, although the antiphons are provided.  All other hours have their proper psalmody, all pointed for singing.

This is a long book, well over 1000 pages, so be patient as you download it.  Even with a fast connection it could take several minutes.  I ask those using it to call my attention to any errors they find so that I can correct them.

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