Sunday, January 17, 2010

Follow-up Poll on Laity Praying the Divine Office: Want to Pray it but Don't? Why?

As a followup to yesterday's poll on laity praying the Divine Office, approximately 25% of respondents suggested that they would like to pray the Divine Office, but do not.

The following poll is specifically aimed at those people who find themselves in that situation (whether you answered yesterday's poll or not).

The aim is to find out the predominant reasons that hold some people back from using the Divine Office in their regular routine of prayer.

By finding out those reasons, perhaps it will give a sense, not only to us here at the NLM but also to others who are eager to promote this practice, a sense of how to help encourage and foster the recitation of the Divine Office by laity, whether by making available particular resources or otherwise.

(Please note, for this poll, you may check off multiple answers. Check only those which are the predominant factors for you personally.)

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