Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Study Chant at Solesmes

7th Annual Advanced Gregorian Chant Week
at Abbaye Saint-Pierre in Solesmes, France
July 19-23, 2010

The 7th Annual Advanced Gregorian Chant Study Week in Solesmes, France will begin the morning of July 19 and finish Friday evening, July 23. This chance to study in a small group with Dom Daniel Saulnier, O.S.B. and to hear the monks singing is the opportunity of a lifetime. The course has become an international event, with students from all over the world. As the monastery was founded in the year 1010, this year will be the "course of the millennium."

Instructor Dom Daniel Saulnier, O.S.B. is the Director of Paleography
at St. Pierre Abbey, and is a Professor of Gregorian Chant at the
Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music in Rome.

The course, taught in English, is for advanced students only. Candidates should have a familiarity with Roman Catholic liturgy, liturgical Latin and be able to sight sing Gregorian chant notation. Text for the course is the Graduale Triplex.

Prospective students should apply by emailing Fr. Saulnier.

Tuition for the course is 200 Euros (100 Euros for students). All who are accepted must make their own travel and accommodation arrangements. The guest master of Solesmes will be happy to assist. Contact the guestmaster

More information about St. Pierre Abbey is available here

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