Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A Fix for Catholic Music

The editors Dappled Things were certainly tenacious. They were after me for some time to write a piece for regular parishes on how to get from here to there in the area of sacred music. I finally did it, and I was happy with the result. The opportunity forced me to think through some issues I had put on paper before.

And then the editors took over and dramatically improved the thing, making it a much better article than I wrote originally (this is what editors are supposed to do and probably did at some point in history).

Anyway if you like this piece, congratulate these great folks, not me. What's more, not one idea in here is my own: everything is taken from all the great writers and musicians who have been contributing to Sacred Music, NLM, and my own education over the years. I'm just channeling things at this point.

Anyway, I really hope it does some good:

A Fix For Catholic Music at Dappled Things.

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