Saturday, January 02, 2010

Solemn Requiem in Dijon Cathedral, Burgundy, France

Dijon, December 19th, Cathédrale Saint-Bénigne, former Benedictine Abbey, 13th century (a chapel in the crypt dates from the 9th century)

I wished to post some views of my father's Solemn Requiem Mass, as Shawn has been so kind as to announce his death, and wanted to express my gratitude for the support I received from the New Liturgical Movement family.

I do not want to emphasize this as a personal event, however; my purpose is only to show that in France, the motu proprio is willingly applied in a few places.

My father was born in Dijon, capital of Burgundy. Not only was permission immediately granted by the cathedral when we suggested a sung, traditional Requiem Mass for my father, but we also received participation from the cathedral staff (the MC and sacristan rehearsed) and a warm welcome from the archpriest.

Some views of the ceremony. (The Mass included a FSSP priest and seminarian, diocesan priest, servers from the cathedral.) A French flag was placed on the catafalque.

Ecce Agnus Dei...

View of the cemetery of La Bussière sur Ouche, just after the burial. A typical French cemetery. Requiescant in pace.

Our parish church, a twelfth century Cistercian Abbey church, founded by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux (Saint Bernard was born near Dijon, and Citeaux, the mother house, is 30km from La Bussière Abbey). Our church is still under restoration and it is the reason why we could not sing Mass here.

Inside of the church:

Notre-Dame des Trois Vallées, priez pour nous.

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