Sunday, July 05, 2009

Fr. Mark Daniel Kirby on Chant

I've not written that much yet on Fr. Kirby's article on chant in the Summer issue of Sacred Music (the issue will be online in a month or so) partly because I figured that the article can speak for itself and also because I wanted to gauged the reaction from subscribers to a piece I've believed carries so much significance that it could emerge as a classic in writing on Catholic music.

Today, the first blog appears on the article, and it offers thisassessment complete with a summary: "Now and then one reads an article which contributes significantly to the ongoing discussion. Such is that of Fr. Mark Daniel Kirby in the Summer '09 volume of Sacred Music. It's an adaptation of his thesis (Oxford, '02)... Fr. Kirby marshalls works of Kavanagh, Kovalevsky, Meyendorff, Ratzinger, Vagaggini, Stravinsky, and a number of others from both the Roman and Orthodox branches--which is why I refer to the work as 'towards synthesis.' Not too surprising, insofar as he defends the proposition that Chant is theologia prima, or 'sung theology' in his work."

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