Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Home for the St. Gregory Society in New Haven

New Haven, Connecticut in the Northeastern United States is most especially known as the home of the storied ivy league school of Yale University. (See right) But amongst liturgical and sacred music circles, New Haven is known also for being the home of the St. Gregory Society who are justly renowned for their excellent and long-standing tradition in sacred music. (See their recordings.)

In the past months it had been reported that they were moving from there original location of Sacred Heart Church as that parish was closing.

The Society now reports that through the offices of the Archbishop of Hartford, Henry J. Mansell, and with the kind invitation of Fr. Roman Kmiec, pastor of St. Stanislaus in New Haven, this parish church will become the new home of the St. Gregory Society, as well as the community of faithful it serves.

The parish is an architectural gem which not only provides an architectural setting that complements the sacred mysteries themselves, regardless of the form of the Roman rite we are speaking of, but which will also complement the quality of sacred music we have come to expect from the St. Gregory Society.

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