Monday, July 13, 2009

Ordinary Form in the Hermeneutic of Continuity - a Pictorial Guide by Fr Cusick

Or friend Fr Kevin Cusick (no stranger to NLM readers, cf. here or here) has posted "a pictorial guide to celebrating the ordinary form of holy Mass in the hermeneutic of continuity" based on a Mass celebrated by Navy Chaplain Fr Charles Johnson. Here are some of the images with Father's captions:

Note that the altar cloth hangs from the sides of the altar but does not extend below the front of the table.

Book with stand, candles and crucifix are the only items placed on the mensa, or altar table. Other items necessary for the celebration of holy Mass, such as water, wine, paten, bells and lavabo are place near the altar on a separate, or credence, table.

Father arrives at the altar and places the chalice in the center to begin Mass having removed his beretta and placing it on the credence table.

Father prepares the Gospel. When Father arrives at the altar he removes the corporal from the burse and unfolds it on the mensa, placing the chalice which he has carried with him on top of the corporal. Note the corporal visible below the veiled chalice. The corporal should not be left on the altar outside of the celebration of Mass. The burse is placed to the left of the crucifix.

The homily.

Father prepares the altar for sacrifice. The veil is folded and placed on the right side of the altar.

Check out the entire post at Fr Cusick's here.

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