Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Small Signs of the Liturgical Influence of Benedict XVI

There are various signs we can witness today of the influence and progress of the Pope's liturgical reforms and teaching, a programme which finds a role for both forms of the Roman liturgy. Some of these are very concrete and significant, while others are smaller or simply provide clues of an emerging liturgical culture which is defined by a greater openness to continuity/reform in continuity.

The following is one of those small signs, and was sent into the NLM recently. It shows a sight that would have been almost unthinkable only a few short years ago; namely, an image of Mass celebrated ad orientem, in the usus antiquior no less, as the current main image on a diocesan website.

For those working within (or simply interested in) the liturgical context of our day -- which, let me emphasize again, involves working in the context of both forms -- the presence of this simple photo in this context can prove a source of some encouragement and comfort insofar as it can emphasize this point: while things do not happen everywhere at the same time and in the same degrees, nor always in a visible way, things are indeed happening.

Take heart and take courage therefore.

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