Thursday, July 09, 2009

NLM Note: Mozarabic Series to Continue

One of the great interests of the NLM has always been to present news and essays on the various rites of the Church, and in particular the Western rites and uses.

In early May, we began a series on the Mozarabic rite, which had been temprarily laid aside simply due to the day to day business of the site.

However, I also know there was great interest expressed with regard to that series, so those readers will be pleased to know that series will now continue.

However, to help freshen one's recollection of this series, and to draw in any new readers who may not have been with us, I felt I should re-introduce it, and bring the first two installments to your attention again.

The Mozarabic Rite: Introduction

The Mozarabic Rite: The Two Missals

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