Monday, July 27, 2009

Lighter Summer Fare and Working Projects

Readers will no doubt note that things are a little quieter these days. We are in those days of summer, so expect there will be lighter amounts of posting from time to time, some lighter fare from time to time, and so on. Mind you, the typical quiet of summer might also give more opportunity for the creation of original, researched pieces as well.

The NLM, you might be interested to know, is working on various pieces, inclusive of:

+ The "Other Modern" series
+ Interviews with a prominent architect and a prominent group of friars
+ Historical views of the Premonstratensian Rite
+ The Mozarabic rite series
+ The NLM Arts Initiative series recently announced
+ More on Liturgical Catechetics

and much more. It should be an interesting time.

As always, do feel free to send in your stories, your photos, and ideas for stories or topics of interest that you would like to see pursued and so forth.

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