Friday, July 31, 2009

More from St. Willibrord, Utrecht, the Netherlands

While searching for images to supplement the recent piece on "The Other Modern: Louis Comfort Tiffany" I ran across Daniel Mitsui's excellent site, The Lion and the Cardinal, where I noticed that he posted just a few days ago, some stunning images of a church we featured earlier this year on NLM, that of St. Willibrord in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

This stunning piece of architecture, which is stunning not only because of its basic architectural forms, but also because of its vibrant colour and ornamental details, was recently featured for the reason that it was brought back from a schism, placed under the auspices of the Dutch Society for Latin Liturgy, and now sees Masses regularly celebrated in both forms of the Roman liturgy.

I think you will enjoy these further photos from St. Willibrord.

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