Saturday, May 02, 2009

Scarlatti on a Saturday Evening

As a nice and light diversion upon a Saturday evening, I wished to share with each of you one of my favourite pieces of sacred music, the Missa di Santa Cecilia of Alessandro Scarlatti, father of Domenico Scarlatti.

This bit of sacred music is set to the Ordinary of the Mass, but I would note that I am presenting it simply as sacred music without intending to engage the liturgical question. Indeed, the question of orchestral Mass settings within the liturgy itself is always a much contested one today, and for my own part, while I can note that my own liturgical sense would strongly tend toward the use of chant and polyphony, it is really not my intent to provide any commentary upon this.

The question of liturgical use is one thing, and the extra-liturgical enjoyment of a piece of sacred music is yet another. It is in this latter context in which I present this.

I should note that the recording, being a Youtube video, is not of formal audio recording, and therefore not of that quality. Still, I hope you get a sense of the piece, and perhaps you will gain some enjoyment in listening to it, as I certainly do.

Kyrie and Gloria

Sanctus and Agnus Dei

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