Sunday, May 03, 2009

Orchestral Mass Setting to Feature in Papal Mass of Pentecost

The NLM briefly alluded to the topic of orchestral Mass settings yesterday when presenting a piece by Alessandro Scarlatti, and interestingly, this bit of news came up from a reader yesterday at approximately the same moment.

Kölner Dommusik (Cologne Cathedral Music) is reporting that by means of "a generous gesture of the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI" the Papal Mass of Pentecost Sunday will honour the 200th anniversary of the death of Franz Joseph Haydn that same day (Sunday, May 31st), by way of the use of a Haydn orchestral Mass setting for that Mass.

The music will be performed by the Cologne Cathedral Choir and the Cologne Chamber Orchestra and the latter report that the Mass setting will be Haydn's Missa Solemnis in B-flat major (Harmoniemesse).

A preview of a part of the Gloria from that particular orchestral Mass setting can be listened to here:

Source: Kölner Domchor und Kölner Kammerorchester Pfingsten beim Papst: Kölner Dommusik

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