Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Grail Psalter Policy Announced

Ok, GIA has announced its policy on the use of the Grail Psalter, and, in general, with provisos, it appears that free digital distribution is possible. Indeed, the policy seems crafted specifically to permit Chabanel Psalms to continue to exist. It is not Creative Commons, it is still proprietary, it is still claiming royalties on indulgenced ritual texts, but, still, congratulations are due. I'm happy. Very much so! The document quoted belows was created April 29, 2009. The link is not clean (it is includes spaces) but still it includes the following:

Internet Access: The Revised Grail Psalms are available at www.giamusic.com/RGP. For websites of a religious or devotional nature that wish to include parts of the Text in their content, a link to the RGP website must be attached. Each of the psalms is on a separate link; devotional sites may conveniently link to whichever, and as many, psalms as they choose. For any site that operates on a subscription basis or charges fees, appropriate royalties will apply.

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