Saturday, September 15, 2007

French Correspondent for the NLM

It is my great pleasure to introduce another new contributor to the NLM: Mr. Philippe Guy. Philippe will be the NLM's French correspondent.

Philippe is well suited to the task, residing in Paris, France. He studied liturgy at Notre-Dame Cathedral with Canon Calle, Pontifical Master of Ceremonies. He is President of the "Amis de Sainte-Cécile" (Friends of St. Cecile), an organization founded in 1982, the objectives of which are the preservation and promotion of plainchant, sacred music and Catholic heritage. This association obtained from the archbishop of Paris, in 1985, a daily traditional mass in the parish of Saint-Eugene where Philippe still acts as cantor.

Many of you will also recognize Philippe through his work this year and last at the classical liturgical sessions at Merton College, Oxford, where Philippe participated as one of the schola and its very well received "faux-bourdons".

Aside from a general interest in the sacred liturgy, sacred music, liturgical arts and architecture, Philippe has a strong interest in liturgical ceremonial and the Gallican rites.

I am certain we all look forward to the contributions he will bring to the site, a couple of which he is already working upon!

Please join me in welcoming Philippe.

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