Monday, September 24, 2007

Help the Toronto Oratory

I was recently contact by the newly appointed Organist & Director of Music at St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Toronto, Canada, which is served by the Fathers of the Toronto Oratory. (Before moving to serve the Oratory, he was Organist & Director of Music at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Portland Maine, for seven years.)

First, they report to me that their Sunday, 9:30am Mass (which uses the ancient Roman liturgy) is now a Missa Cantata with full Gregorian propers taken from the Liber Usualis.

However, it is their hope to attract a greater number of competent singers (who have the ability to read music) into that churches choir so that they might additionally begin to explore the great polyphonic tradition of the Church as well. (Something, incidentally, which is present by means of a professional choir at the main church of the Toronto Oratory, Holy Family.)

To that end, if you are in the Toronto area, or know of such competent singers who are, please send an email here:

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