Saturday, September 15, 2007

La Croix speculates on a "promotion" for Ecclesia Dei

Thanks to a reader who sent in this tip. The French paper, la-Croix is speculating whether the Ecclesia Dei Commission might, given its new competencies, be elevated to the status of a Pontifical Council: Au Vatican, une entrée en vigueur dans la plus grande discrétion

An excerpt:

" is certain that the commission Ecclesia Dei should gradually go up in power, and, in the near future, to see itself taking on a new status within the Roman Curia. With this motu proprio liberalizing the use of the Tridentine Missal, it is indeed with it that becomes a kind of institution to call upon to treat the requests for liturgy in pre-conciliar rite...

"The Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei could then become a pontifical council, which would enable it to have at the same time a more important authority and more means. The commission already added to itself two months ago with the appointment of an assistant secretary general."

This is pure speculation of course, but one does wonder what might be in store for the Ecclesia Dei Commission.

The rest of the La Croix article speaks about the situations in France and Italy where some bishops are telling their priests to come to them before celebrating the usus antiquior. We know that this is not a requirement any longer -- something Cardinal Castrillon de Hoyos stated quite explicitly recently -- and while this could be interpreted in a good light of a particular bishop just wanting to ensure all is in order for proper celebration of the ancient liturgy (a worthy thing), we also know that recent history has shown that there hasn't been the greatest generosity in its regard, and there has also been ideological opposition, and that such a "requirement" could just as likely be a means to try to limit the expansion of the classical liturgy and the aims of the motu proprio itself by placing upon priests undue requirements or restrictions not envisioned by the motu proprio itself -- thus effectively making it again a matter of episcopal permission.

Priests in those situations will need to be both respectful and wise so as to stave off any conflict, while also ensuring that the will of Summorum Pontificum, let alone the desires of the faithful, is not frustrated.

Bishops, as well as priests and the faithful, must shift their thinking to adapt to the fact that the usus antiquior while it must be celebrated properly, is no longer a matter of episcopal permission and it should not thus be approached as though it were still an indult.

The La Croix article also addresses the situation in Milan and its statement about the matter in relation to the Ambrosian rite.

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