Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Shrine of Christ the King Update

If you're like me, no doubt you've found yourself lying awake at night thinking, "Self, what Chicago needs is an authentic Roman Baroque church."

(You know I would think that, come on, I already gave you a Hispano-Italo-British Baroque church last year...)

If so, never fear--and the folks to bring it to you are our pals at the Institute of Christ the King. (If they can't pull this off, nobody can.) I suppose most of you are vaguely aware of their continuing renovation project in Chicago's fire-gutted church formerly known as St. Gelasius (now the Shrine of Christ the King), but what you don't know is they now have a website for it, as well as an official project architect, William Heyer, a welcome addition to the growing family of today's liturgical architects.

Even better, I've discovered their high altar will be modelled on that of one of my favorite churches in Rome, Santa Maria in Campitelli, a splendid sunburst that will no doubt be a fitting culmination to the renovated shrine.

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