Monday, September 17, 2007

CIEL 2007 Programme Announcement

CIEL is now pleased to publically announce the schedule of events for its 2007 Liturgical Conference in Rome taking place from Nov. 14th-17th, 2007.

From the announcement:

Each day there will be a series of conferences, accessible to all, for better understanding and knowing the liturgy. The whole of the conferences will take place in the enclosure of prestigious Pontifical Urbaniana University.

The conference:

Bible and liturgy
Mgr Paul-Marie Guillaume (France)
Bishop of Saint-Dié

Liturgy and theology
Mgr Eugene Morris (USA)
Professor at the Diocesan seminary of Saint Louis (USA)

The Holy Mass, presence of the sacrifice. Dogmatic reflections on the correct translation of that latin word “pro multis” in the Eucharistic consecration
Fr. Manfred Hauke (Germany)
Dogmatic professor of theology to the faculty of theology of Lugano

How to make the liturgical year a living reality
R.P. Frank Philips (USA)
Superior of the community of the Canons Regular of St John Cantius

The Roman collects
Dr. Lauren Pristas (USA)
Chairman, Department of Theology and Philosophy Caldwell University

Sacred language in the liturgy
Father Uwe-Michael Lang (Germany)
Priest of the Oratory of London

Sacred music in the thoughts of Benedict XVI
Abbe Stephan Quessard (France)
Diocesan delegate for Sacred Music in the diocese of Bourges

Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificium
Mr. Christophe Geffroy (France)
Director of the Journal La Nef

Renewal of the liturgy in a traditional spirit
Fr. Sven Conrad (Germany)
Priest of Saint-Pierre Fraternity

Closing talk : Gregorian chant and its importance in liturgy
Msgr Valentino Miserachs Grau (Spain), president of the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music
and Mgr Rudolf-Michael Schmitz of ICRSS

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