Sunday, September 16, 2007

Good Turnout for Overbrook Latin Mass

NLM reader JDTreat has written me to let me know that this morning's Traditional Latin Mass at 8:30am at Our Lady of Lourdes in the Overbrook section of Philadelphia enjoyed a healthy turnout of over 150 people. In a possible sign of things to come, among those in attendance were a rather large contingent of seminarians from St. Charles Borromeo, just up the street. Some of them were also with us at Mater Ecclesiae, whose attendance did not suffer one bit from the wider availability of the Extraordinary Form, as our pews were packed, as usual.

One hundred fifty people is a small portion of the Church in the wider scheme of things, but I suspect that it's a higher number than many would have expected, and certainly higher than a few would want. It will be interesting to see what happens as time goes along. Now seems to be the time less for arguing on behalf of the EF and more for carefully cultivating it and seeing what happens. I firmly believe that the Mass of St. Gregory the Great speaks for itself, particularly for those who are patient with it.

Shawn may have posted this link earlier, and if he did I apologize for the redundancy, but just in case he didn't, more about Lourdes can be found here. Now I have a question for Lourdes folks: Is this a High Mass or Low Mass? I'm just curious; I'm not setting you up:) (In fact, I like both.)

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