Saturday, September 08, 2007

Dominican Rite and the Institute of St. Philip Neri

The website of the Institute of St. Philip Neri in Germany have photos up of a sung Dominican rite liturgy celebrated in relation to their institute in some capacity -- how so, I am not yet sure.

In fact, the request came to me from their webmaster that they are looking for someone bi-lingual in German and English to help them provide an English language translation so that they may provide it on their site. If you think you can help, please note so in the comments and I will forward information to the webmaster.

Here are some of the photos of aspects more visibly unique from the Roman Mass, many more are available via the link above:

The chalice is prepared prior to the Gospel in the pre-1965 Dominican rite

The feature shared by so many of the Western rites and uses; the cruciform positioning of the arms of the priest

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