Monday, September 10, 2007

Celebrant Training in the Sung Mass

A quick reminder that the Celebrant Training Seminar, sponsored by the CMAA and St. John Cantius, is only weeks away.

Sessions at the seminar are designed to train priests in singing the Ordinary Form in English and Latin, as well as the Extraordinary form. Many pastors are finding the changes that last take places slowly. The ordinary form remains, for the most part, the Mass that will be said (and sung!) in parishes across the country and the world for the foreseeable future. Singing the Mass first in English, and then in Latin, will slowly but surely lead the hearts and minds of even the most resistant parishioners in the directions of beauty and mystery. Pastors can lead the way.

There are only three rooms remaining at the retreat center, so sign up here soon. Remember, too, that arrangements have been made for a discounted price at one of Chicago’s nicer hotels only blocks away from St. John Cantius. Call the Crowne Plaza directly to make your room reservation, and mention the “Priest Training Seminar.”

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