Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Liturgy Week at the Cafeteria

Just as an FYI, in honour of the Motu Proprio about to be released, Gerald at the Cafeteria is Closed is hosting a "liturgy week" (see his introduction) with various articles and considerations. One piece is by yours truly, The Importance of the Liturgy and Liturgical Form which I had written for the recent Saint Austin Review May/June 2007 liturgy edition.

I haven't posted this article anywhere before, including here, and since it is part of Gerald's special liturgy week series, I'd like to keep it there rather than cross-post it here.

Other articles in this series so far include:

Pope Benedict and Fr. Gamber on Liturgy

Liturgy Week: A Pamphlet (which is Gerald's own reflection)

and finally

The Root of All Evil

More will be forthcoming.

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